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What can I do to help locking mechanisms last longer?

The term well-oiled machine also applies to most if not all conventional locks. Keeping your locks well-lubricated ensures that the locking mechanism engages and disengages smoothly. This allows the lock to last a far longer time than it would have with no lubrication.

Should my kids be aware of the locking system?

No matter how complex the security system you have in your home might seem, experts over Locksmith Alhambra recommend that all children who are capable of acting on their own learn how to operate the locks. This is to ensure that in case of an emergency, your children know what to do.

Are high-grade electric locks worth the price?

It is true that when compared to conventional locks electrical locking systems can be far more expensive. However, leaps in technology have allowed an everyday household to possess electric locks – something that wasn’t possible years ago. With that said, electric locks are indeed worth the asking price for anyone willing to give it a try.

Why the key doesn't enter the lock?

Keys often don't enter door locks and this is usually due to their damage. If they are slightly bent, damaged or rusty and the lock is not lubricated, the key won't fit. It won't enter the keyhole even if the lock is dirty since it will find obstructions from accumulated dust and elements.

What is a master key?

A Master key is a single key that can open all of the locks in your home or place of business. A master key is very convenient if you don’t want to have to carry a whole bunch of keys around all day long. A master key can also be very useful if you, or one of your employees, ever loses a particular key. Having a Master key means not wasting time waiting for a lost key to be replaced.

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