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Stop House Break-ins

04/13/2014 Back To Blog

Stop House Break-insWe rely on locks to keep the house safe and leave the house because of our faith in the security system. Locks keep intruders out of your house and keep your possessions safe. Strong locks are comparatively harder to break into and offer better security. In most of the cases, break-ins are random and thieves do not have a plan to take your possessions. Hence, there are two efficient locks meant to increase your home’s security.

1. Keyed locks

It is well-known that a keyed lock is used in order to deter unauthorized access. Hence, even if these products are considered the most common mechanical locks, they are efficient and reliable. For instance, this type of locks can be either levers or doorknobs installed in exterior doors. Furthermore, in order to be effective, keyed locks must work in tandem with a deadbolt. They can be easily installed and require little to no maintenance. A professional locksmith will be able to install either an interior or an exterior lock to your door. Last but not least, you must keep the key in a safe place. Supposing that you lose it, get in touch with one of our experts as soon as possible.

2. Trick locks

A combination of latest technology and security gears can help you enhance the safety of your house. You can choose among the best locking systems available in the market. Hence, an innovative product such as the trick lock seems to be the best option. A trick lock can be activated with the aid of a passcode. It is recommended not to share your personal passcode with anyone else except for your family members. Moreover, supposing that somebody has entered an incorrect code more than three times, your trick lock will sound a disturbing alarm.

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