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Teach your children about using locks responsibly

If you have children at home, our Alhambra professionals will always recommend teaching them about the importance of locks. This includes how to use the locks you have at home, as well as when to use them. This ensures that your children know what to do during emergencies.

When replacing a lock is a good idea

These days, locking mechanisms often seem incredibly durable and tough. It feels like they might last a very long time, but they will wear out just like anything else. Locks need replacing when you are having difficulty engaging or disengaging them even with proper maintenance.

Pay attention to details

Be picky when you choose new security door locks and also make sure they're installed at least forty inches away from glass openings. Don't leave these windows or French glass doors open without supervising them. Make sure the door is made of sturdy materials and the strike plate is durable.

Stop turning the key inside the lock if you feel any kind of resistance

If you exert extra force on the bow, especially on the side, you risk breaking the key inside the lock. Take the key out and insert it into the lock once again very gently. Then, jiggle it a bit a few times and try unlocking the door again. You can apply just a little bit of pressure in a forward direction only. If this doesn’t help, you should get the lock fixed.

Take advantage of the master key system

If you keep a large household or commercial property, it's likely you'll have to deal with a large set of keys on a daily basis. This can be stressful and time consuming. One of the best ways to reduce the volume of keys you have to work with is by having a set of locks installed that are opened by a master key. Another way can be to use keypads, but this will likely cost more.

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